Jasun Wurster, the volunteer spokesman for RecallSamAdams.Com, spoke to council this morning.
WURSTER: Pointed critique...

You can read more about the disparate branches of the recall effort in my feature from earlier this month. Here's Wurster's speech:

I am Jasun Wurster, volunteer spokesperson for Recall SamAdams.com.

During the next nine months as the recall of Sam Adams happens, please remember the following when we are feeling angry, frustrated or upset with one another about Sam Adams. It is not the person we call Mayor who defines us as Portlanders, but how we treat one another in resolving this conflict.

I am here to speak about a recall that is based on truth, citizen participation and kindness. Make no mistake, the recall of Sam Adams has already begun; we just can't collect signatures for another 140 days.

The recall is the direct result of Sam Adams' own volition. He willfully lied to the public to get elected. He orchestrated an elaborate cover-up and conspired with others to participate in it. He subverted our democratic process through negative and deceptive campaigning. He abused the power we granted him.

He now sits before us as an untrusted and politically bankrupt politician who is desperately clinging to his ill-gotten power. Sam, do you not realize that your hands are antithetically placed around the throat of our democracy?

Hundreds of citizens across the Portland-Metro region have joined together to volunteer their time and talent to recall Sam Adams, because he refuses to resign in the wake of his premeditated election deceptions, which not only have diminished the title of Mayor, but also that of Portlander and Oregonian.

As citizens of Portland we are duty bound to remove you from office for your anti-democratic actions. As Oregonians, it is our legacy to blaze civic trails that will inspire fellow Americans to hold their elected officials accountable.

Time permits me to briefly rebut but only some of the most egregious disinformation cast by those who support Sam Adams' actions:

1.The recall will provide a method of removing Sam Adams from office while protecting individuals who fear the well documented political thuggery you have shown yourself capable of.

2.The recall is organized by Portland residents and is apolitical, non-religious and focuses solely on recalling you because of the civic transgressions you have committed against us.

3.The recall will not associate with those who see this as an opportunity to promote hate against the LGBT community.

We will no longer be slaves to the fear and political apathy that corrupt politicians have come to rely on to stay in power.

It is my promise to the residents of my beloved home Portland, Oregon: That this recall will be one that redefines us to the rest of the world as being honorable, intelligent, civil, and caring.