Hey kids, are you tired of being left out of Ground Kontrol's weekly Rock Band Tuesday event simply because your parents lacked the foresight to birth you before 1988? Good news! Ground Kontrol, in collaboration with Backspace, is holding an all-ages Rock Band event this Sunday, March 22.

Official deets:

Got friends who want to show off their stage moves and plastic instrument skills at Ground Kontrol's Rock Band Tuesdays, but are too young to get in the door? Bring them to Backspace this Sunday night at 7PM, where we're setting up an all-ages, all-night Rock Band open stage experience. Over 600 songs and counting!

No cover, only $2 tip per person to play for the entire night. Beer service available to you 21+ old-timers, too!

What: All-ages open stage Rock Band experience
Where: Backspace, 115 NW 5th Ave.
When: Sunday, March 22nd 7PM-close
How much: No cover, $2 per person to play

This is normally where I'd point out the implications of combining boozed-up twenty-something hipster geeks, naive youth and Rock Band — the most romantic of all rhythm games — but honestly I'm too busy screenprinting a shirt for my new faux band "Dolores Haze Will Have Her Revenge On Backspace."