Holy crap, it's the greatest concert ever!
So great that they can't even tell us what it is!
So great that the invite is a RSVP and "non-transferrable"!
So great that will be serving refreshments!

So, who do you think it is? U2? Travis Tritt? Limp Bizkit? Smashmouth?

The better question is, how many artists can still sell out an arena in a market this size? Even Lil Wayne—with his big 'ole pile of cash, Grammy's, and magazine covers—has not been able to sell out his Rose Garden concert next Thursday (there are still 100 Level seats available for that show).

Maybe this big announcement will save the arena concert world as we know it. If that's the case, we all know who it's going to be: Miley Cyrus.

End Hits: It's U2. At least, that's our guess.