What’s so funny about peace, vegans, and understanding?

I don’t know what prompted me to taunt her with the sausage, but I’ll always regret it. She was my very good friend and co-worker who also happened to be a vegan. I must have somehow felt threatened by her dietary philosophy. Why else would I have stood close beside her, biting dramatically into my lunch—an enormous loaded polish dog—while exclaiming how “goooood” it was?

Of course she told me off. Of course I deserved it. It’s one of those stupid moments from my early twenties (when I should have known better) that still fills me with overwhelming shame.

What is it about vegans that can turn a normally peace loving omnivore into a vitriolic carnivore? It seems that when veganism comes up in conversation around non-vegans there’s likely to be some sort of sneered dirty comment, scoffing, jokes made, etc.

I’d like to get a bit of perspective from Blogtownies, especially the militant meat eaters. Why so down on vegans? What’s the deal? I know that vegans can be self-righteous, but I’ve met plenty of self-righteous carnivores. It’s not attractive on anyone, really.

Also, Blogtown vegans, I’d love to know if you’ve had any experience being taunted by sausage eating douchebags. How do you deal?

Maybe I’m making too much of the issue (I probably am), but it just seems strange to me that in a city with such diverse foodways, we have trouble respecting divergent diets.

Let’s discuss, shall we?