Just so you know, Kenny and Zuke’s might be serving this for lunch tomorrow should you request it:

The “DDD”: a deep fried, triple-decker reuben

Here’s how Nick “Zuke” Zukin describes it in his e-mail:

In the middle is the standard lovely reuben with 9-10 ozs of house-made pastrami, two slices of swiss, russian, and kraut. On top and bottom is another reuben, each with about 4 ozs of pastrami, and two slices of swiss cheese. That's over a pound of pastrami, 1/4 lb of swiss cheese, and a whole bunch of creamy russian all grilled together into a delicious mess. And as if that wasn't a cholesterol bomb waiting to explode in your heart, we went ahead and battered and deep-fried it. Hey, what can I say, we like to have some fun once in a while.

You call that fun? I call it a myocardial infarction waiting to happen. Wait, so did he. I guess he does call that fun. Further details are hard to pin down. If you do order it, and eat it all, it might be free. If you don’t eat it all, the price may be subject to Zukin’s whim.

I think I can eat the whole thing. I think I’m going to try. If I don't post tomorrow, suspect the worst (just keep your cheers to a respectful minimum). Stay tuned.