Earlier today I contemplated posting my crackpot theory of how the Portland Trail Blazers should deliberately lose their remaining five games of the regular season, in order to get a more favorable playoff matchup. Even if Portland was to lose in the first round to the Lakers—on national television, with a few home wins thrown in for good measure—it might be better for the franchise in the long run.

But after tonight, where Portland turned the decrepit bones of the San Antonio Spurs to dust—seriously, it was like elder abuse—this team has a pretty decent shot at getting home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. And when you consider Portland's winning percentage at the Rose Garden (.816), that's a damn good thing. It's doubtful that Portland will run the table in its final four games—the Lakers game on Friday will be difficult, to say the least—but the Blazers could very easily end up with 53 wins, and that just might be enough to bring the playoffs to Portland's home court.

I think I speak for everyone who has followed this team when I say: Holy crap!

Also, BlazersEdge has posted the mother of all Trail Blazers flowcharts. It's ridiculous, but if you want to take a journey through the past nine years of Portland basketball—from Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje to Nicolas Batum—this is the only way to go.