Blindy got kicked off American Idol.

MEANWHILE! David Alan Grier gets kicked off of Dancing with the Stars, and makes a request for judge Carrie Ann Inaba to "eat a dick" and "wrap her lips around my asshole." TOP THAT BLINDY! (Please see the hilarious video here!)

L.A. Times runs fake story about tonight's debut of Southland (NBC, 10 pm)… on its COVER. Okay, now you can mourn the demise of American newspapers.

Oregon's transgendered mayor may be the subject of an upcoming reality show. Oh, and the Octomom is gonna get one, too.

Also on NBC tonight, the debut of Amy Poehler's new Parks and Recreation (8:30 pm)! WOOT NOW!

South Park finally explains why Kanye West is so awesome: He's a GAY FISH.