Canceled??? Is it???

According to a reliable source which rhymes with "Flitter" Episode #13 (the Felicia Day episode) will only be available on the season one DVD and will not air on Fox.

This could mean that Fox has decided to cut the series off, canceling it after 12 episodes (NOOOOOOO). This could also mean that they've decided to make Episode #13 into a romantic comedy starring myself, Daniel Craig, and Seth Rogen wherein we all go to Dollhouse boot camp and learn to fight ninjas using everyday objects like dishtowels and throw pillows*. Or, Fox has decided to shorten the series and see how the audience reacts. And by "reacts" I mean Whedon fans looting, pillaging, and burning (in a sweet way!) the Fox headquarters.

What do we think Blogtownies?

*Please let it be this one oh please oh please.

Update: Here is some contact info if you would like to share your opinion about this possible travesty with the Fox higher ups.