Pirate Saga Continues! Brave captain leaps from lifeboat to sea, recaptured, more pirates and American forces rush to the scene. Meanwhile, the US military clarifies pirates are not terrorists, so we can continue glorifying them with sexy Halloween costumes.

Terrorists: Not Pirates. A suicide attack in Northern Iraq kills 5 GIS and 2 Iraqis, the deadliest attack against American soldiers in 13 months.

CIA: Sort of like pirates but with SUVs instead of boats? The CIA director promises to finally shut down the agency's secret prisons and torture sites.

No Place Like (Someone's Foreclosed) Home: Homeless groups nationwide are helping families move off the streets and squat in empty homes.

Jew Crew: Obama hosts the first White House Seder attended by a president, but some Jewish leaders are miffed they were left off the invite list.

Sprawl for All: In Portland and other cities, jobs are still leaking away from downtown.

History Fight!: Architects push to Save Memorial Coliseum after Mayor Adams announced its imminent doom earlier this week.

And now, a collection of Jesus re-enactors from passion plays around the world!