Observe and Report. Manohla Dargis is wrong, and Alison Hallett is right. Read Alison's interview with Seth Rogen here, and check out the redband trailer for the film here. Goddamn, I can't wait to see this movie again. Go see it this weekend; Jody Hill needs to make many, many more movies.

Harvard Beats Yale 29-29. If you'd told me I'd have been entertained by a doc about a bunch of old Ivy League jocks talkin' about how great they used to be at football, I'd have called you a goddamn liar. But you'd have been right! My review is here, the trailer is here.

Silent Light. It's a movie set in Mexico about Mennonites who speak German and have affairs with each other! Marjorie's review is here, the trailer is here.

Hannah Montana: The Movie. Fact: This will make more money than every other film that comes out this week. Combined. Logan's web-exclusive review is here, and the trailer is here. WARNING: The trailer features Tyra Banks. BUT: It also contains this amazing image:


Sin Nombre. Supposedly, this movie about immigrants is pretty good. Alison's review is here. But I have a hard time believing it's better than this:

I love you, Cheech.