"The little dog with a big imagination."

Why Wishbone is the greatest TV show ever:

Reason #1:
So we start with a small dog—a Jack Russell Terrier, in fact. As we all know, dogs are meant to be larger than cats… which would leave a Jack Russell Terrier in the "unproportionately sized" category as far as dogs are concerned. I am obsessed with things that are unproportionately sized.

Reason #2:
He is a talking dog. This isn't so much funny as it is creepy. The viewers can hear Wishbone, and he talks in his daydreams when he's acting out stories, but his high school owner Joe (played by a man who's at least 20 in real life) can't hear him. The fact Wishbone's mouth never moves is a little disconcerting, but I'll look past that (and the fact he refers to himself in third person at times) due to his kickin' vocabulary.

Reason #3:
Wishbone is very well read. In fact, Wishbone compares situations in Joe's life to pieces of great literature all the time! He's that smart! He, not the Portland Public School system, is the reason I'm familiar with these famous stories (Arthur did its best to teach the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde story, but it was still sub-par to the dog).

Reason #4:
Joe was hot. Or so I thought at age 8, when I was misled into thinking 16-year-olds looked like college sophomores.

You can watch the "Halloween Hound: The Legend of the Creepy Collars" episode