Holy Jesus Juice! I'm getting me some Rhinestone Socks!

A whole shitload of stuff from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is being auctioned off... Well, pretty much everything! You could be the proud owner of, oh, I don't know, one of MJ's Rhinestone Gloves, a full-length red velvet cape, some of his custom paintings and statues, or perhaps a personal letter from former President Ronald Reagan? ("Do me, the Gipper")

The Treasures go on and on for days. See the entire catalog here, where you can also place your bids! And good lord, the prices thus far appear on the cheap side. For instance, this sweet, original, signed painting (at 48 by 54 inches) is projected to go for between $200-300 bucks!


Plenty of clothing choices for ironic bands like this beauty (which is already stunning to begin with, before you add the "It used to belong to THE KING OF POP!":


Of course, there is a surrounding controversy, as an originally supportive Jackson is now trying to stop the auction because he was not able to go through the collection to remove his keepsakes and other important personal items. All that means is more good shit for us (either that or there's a stack of naked McCaulley Caulkin photos in the trunk of one of the toy cars...)