Beginning at midnight tonight and running for 24 hours, Portland Center Stage is offering a $25 tax-day special on any ticket to any remaining show this season—that's Crazy Enough, Frost/Nixon, and Grey Gardens. So: Storm Large's musical memoir; a dramatized version of the 1977 interviews between David Frost and Richard Nixon; or a musical about my future reclusive cat ladies, based of course on the documentary of the same name. Granted, the last mainstage show at PCS I saw made me feel like I was being slowly suffocated by... it's late, somebody please finish this joke for me, but here's the thing about Portland Center Stage's big shows: If nothing else, the set design will be immaculate and so will the costumes. (And to be fair, the remaining mainstage shows are two of the season's more interesting offerings.) Storm's show in the downstairs studio isn't quite as frillsy, though if they were going for gritty they didn't quite get there—the set made me think of VH1 Storytellers for some reason—but as the only of these three shows that's officially opened, it's by and large* been well-received, though I still maintain that, much like Blogtown sometimes, it needs a good edit. Anyway, it's a good deal, if you've been thinking about seeing any of these shows. And I'm sorry if I overdid it on the formatting humor in this post. How much is too much?

*from an accidental-pun standpoint, she is rather difficult to write about