Mayor Sam Adams has asked Metro to extend the deadline to decide whether to proceed with a Convention Center Hotel in the Lloyd District. Metro was due to vote on whether to ditch the idea this Saturday, April 18, but appears to be willing to grant Adams more time to convince skeptics that the hotel is a good idea. Adams emailed Metro council president David Bragdon yesterday, seeking the extension:

Re: Oregon Convention Center Headquarters Hotel

Development Agreement extension

Dear President Bragdon and Metro Commissioners

I appreciate your willingness in December 2008 to extend Metro's Development Agreement (DA) with Garfield Traub Ashforth (GTA) for the proposed Headquarters Hotel. The extension of time allowed me to convene the Headquarters Hotel Independent Review Task Force early this year to advise me on whether to proceed with the project.

The Task Force has provided an invaluable service by completing a focused review over a concise time period. Their report (attached) with a recommendation to proceed will be an important resource for City Council when I request the Council's support for the project, beginning in the next few weeks.

The timing of the Task Force's work was not completed in time for City Council to act prior to the April 17, 2008 amended DA deadline and respectfully request that you arrange for a further extension of time with your development team so that the City along with Metro and the County can consider the various decisions necessary for this important project to proceed.


Mayor Adams

Metro Councilor Rod Park wrote back within the hour, effectively saying "no problem."
Mayor Adams,

Thank you for the request to continue the HQ Hotel Project. At today’s Metro Council work session we had a short discussion of the issues and conditions of an extension. Our legal staff has drafted an extension agreement with GTA and is awaiting their response.

I would like to thank you and the task force for their time and effort to review this very important resource for the region. We look forward to working with the City of Portland, Multnomah County and our other partners on the next steps.


Rod Park

Metro Councilor District 1

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