Mercury Food Editor Patrick Coleman, who for some reason can't be bothered to take pictures of things that are IMMENSELY INTERESTING, just called in to report that in front of Mary's Club, it appears that the production of the Untitled Crowley Project has flipped a car over, presumably for filming purposes. Says Coleman:

I don't know if it was for a commercial or the Brendan Fraser movie? But I don't know why they'd put a car on its roof for a commercial... but yeah. Right in front of Mary's Club!

In related news, Patrick Coleman apparently goes to Mary's Club at 9:30 on weekday mornings.

UPDATE: Patrick Coleman just arrived at the Mercury office, where he was promptly ordered to go back to Mary's Club, and take some goddamn pictures this time.

UPDATE TWO, 10:22 AM: Patrick just got back, sadly shaking his head as he entered the office. "It was not the Brendan Fraser thing," he said, shamefully. "They are fooling us. It was that show Leverage, which also shoots here?"

No one cares about Leverage.

"Hey, will you use this line, though?" Patrick asked as I began to blog. "You ready? Okay! 'How do you flip over a car? Leverage!' Eh? Eh?"

In related news, Patrick Coleman is no longer employed by the Portland Mercury.

UPDATE THREE, 11:15 AM: After the jump, feast your eyes Patrick's photos of the burning car.

BAM! Suck it, car!