posted by Arts Intern Matthew Vollono

Today a car was blown up in front of Mary's Club during filming for the second season of the "highest rated television show for unemployed, single males aged 20-65 in a prime time*" AKA Leverage. Who cares, right? Wrong. We care. We care a lot. And why do we care? Because nothing says "please Mercury, come onto the set of our highly rated yet critically snubbed TV show and write about it for your blog" like blowing up a car in front of a strip club.

Fear not, TNT. We can dig what you're shoveling. And because we're feeling extra generous, Mercury Food Editor Patrick Coleman and I have agreed to make a guest appearance on your show and write a blog about the entire thing. For free.

Be forewarned: neither of us have any acting experience (except for Patrick, who is a star of the critically acclaimed improvised theatrical serial comedy Fall of the House). We're not particularly good looking (except for Patrick, who's been told he looks like a cross between Russell Crowe and Daniel Craig, grrrooowrr) and more likely than not we'll probably freeze up on camera. And if things get hot under those lights we're gonna sweat (except for Patrick, who was born without sweat glands or, strangely, a sense of shame). But we know when we're needed. And that time is now.

So bring it on Leverage. You know how to reach us.

*not factual, but accurate