You want to support local businesses, but you also want to save money—AM I RIGHT? Then do not miss this opportunity to get 50% off food and wares from your favorite local shops with our newest money-saving creation, MERCPERKS!

Here's how MercPerks works-works:
1) Hop over to
2) Browse through our expansive list of local businesses who are offering 50% off gift certificates. (Example: Need hot jeans? Nolita has $100 gift certificates for only $50! Need awesome pizza? Dove Vive offers $25 certificates for only $12.50!)
3) Click on the one you want, and pay for it via PayPal.
4) Start planning your shopping/eating spree, because your certificates will be mailed out the very next day—and with no weird processing or mailing fees!
5) Cash in your certificates, and start living the high-life all over again, as you say to your friends, "Recession? What recession?"

Other great participating local businesses include Ginger Salon, Le Bistro Montage, Mash Tun Brewpub, Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub, The Delta Cafe, Vita Cafe, Lille Boutique, Roux, Florida Room, with even more online AND MORE TO COME!

THE ONLY HITCH? Gift certificate supply is limited, so move it before you lose it!

MercPerks: Now I can live the way I used to… at HALF the price!