Again I find myself wishing there was an "Inspiration" category for the blog, because today I was alerted to MODELFEED (tag line: "not made up"). It's basically just like Blogtown except if it were written by beautiful barely legal globetrotting models, and instead of tags like "News" there were tags like "Confessions." The pictures are good, the videos even better (everything from a model practicing the ukelele in her underwear to footage of an obscure thrift store one of them discovered in Stockholm), but the writing is the best.

Sample post titles:
"Hat Parade!"
"How to Shoot A Bikini"
"Berry Heaven!"
"Yum! Dim! Sum!"

Sample opening lines:
"I spent my 18th birthday half in New York.. and half in London."
"Saying I love tea is a complete understatement."
"I am so all about nutrition and diet."

Just be careful, it's awful addictive.