Carbon Dioxide. Bad. It shouldn't be big news that our government acknowledges this, but it is.

Bush's "Torture Memos": Obama releases the nitty gritty on the Bush Admin's "enhanced interrogation techniques" and says this a "time for reflection, not retribution." So, uh, no teabagging for war criminals?

Sharing = Stealing: A Swedish court says the huge Pirate Bay filesharing site violates copyright law and sentences the tech heads behind it to a year in prison plus a $3.6 million fine. Like typical pirates, the founders are refusing to pay.

Obama is a Total Communist: Proof- he is willing to talk about Cuba at a major meeting of world leaders.

25 days or 380 jobs? Cuts to school funding hurt. A lot.

Changing Goals on Soccer Jobs: Paulson's stadium won't bring as many jobs as he promised.

OMFG IT'S THE PLAYOFFS! This weekend will be a great weekend. Save a seat at your favorite bar!