I’ve had a foot long with the works and an Old Style at Wrigley Field. I’ve had a barbecued turkey leg and a pulled pork sandwich at Busch Stadium. I’ve had bratwurst at Miller Park. I’ve eaten more garlic fries and hot dogs on the cusp of cool green ball fields than I ever would have wished. And there’s more to come.

Thank god it’s baseball season again. There’s something about eating in a stadium that enhances the experience of what, outside of the gates, would be disappointing food. Beer is somehow colder, popcorn more filling, sausage more rich and savory. Maybe the brain is trying to reconcile the price. Maybe there’s something in the atmosphere of the park—a commingling of sweat and cologne and clay and turf fertalizer—that creates a here-to-fore unexplored chemical reaction. More likely it’s just pure sentiment. I don’t really give a fuck, just pass my money down to the vendor and pass back my snow cone.

It should be a clear night tonight for the Beavers home opener at PGE Park. I’m looking forward to catching some games this season. But I wish the park would come up with a specialty food item that really says Portland. Here’s a little something for inspiration: the Fifth Third Ballpark Burger at Fifth Third Ballpark in Grand Rapids.

I wonder, gentle Blogtownies, what should be the signature baseball food of Portland's new stadium? Let's come up with a pitch. And for the love of God, keep it the hell away from the foodies!

Hey, lookie there, the Cubs just beat the Redbirds. Hell yes. Go Cubs!