People often use the word "wonky" in Portland when what they really should say is "something deliberately made too complicated for most people to give a poop about, but really more important than anything in shaping the city's future."

I'm learning that when I'm bored at the sound of a meeting, I should almost definitely show up.

So with that in mind, it's probably extremely worth showing up tomorrow to hear City Commissioner Amanda Fritz and Metro regional council president David Bragdon who'll be talking at a special event in Irvington entitled: "Growth in Our Neighborhoods: Accommodating Density."

Urban planning! Woot! The Portland Plan! Yeah...The workshop is being organized by the Irvington Community Association and the Main Street Portland Coalition:

Participants will then have an opportunity to discuss and prioritize neighborhood concerns. The workshop will then conclude with a work session looking ahead to the Portland Plan, how it will address future growth, and the next steps for citizen involvement.

The Portland Plan is developing a strategy plan for the city’s physical, economic, social, cultural and environmental growth for the next 30 years. It includes updating the 1980 Comprehensive Plan, or land use plan for the city, which is why citizen input on the future physical form of Portland is particularly important now.

Tomorrow, April 18th, fom 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the Holladay Park Church of God, 2120 NE Tillamook.