Two al Qaeda prisoners were waterboarded 266 times by CIA interrogators. And nope! The torturers still won't be prosecuted.

Oh, and the Bush administration won't be prosecuted either.

Seriously ill: Noted physicist and author of A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking.

Anti-racism conferenc
e devolves into chaos after racist Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accuses Israel of being "racist."

Miss California says "no offense, gay peoples! But your lifestyle is, like, so not valid." (By the way, she calls same sex marriage, "opposite marriage," which you have to admit is pretty hilarious.)

Saddest headline ever: "Slumdog Millionaire Kid Star Put Up for Sale by Father."

Blazers… Rockets… blood bath.

Awesome major league soccer deal? Not so awesome after all. Turns out the consulting firm that provided the revenue and expense projections that were given to the citizen's task force in February "include basic math errors and assumptions that change from page to page."

Happy 4/20, everybody!
And while I'm normally no fan of Family Guy, this tribute to pot entitled, "Everything's Better with a Bag of Weed" is an instant classic!