Hello friends.

It would seem that the powers that be have given yours truly his very own Blazers playoff column in the paper. The bad news—other than the fact that it might only run this one week—is that I do not have a name for this column. Since I'm creatively bankrupt, and we're going to press in a few hours, I've been told to present this quandary to the citizens of Blogtown:

If you can name my Blazers column, you'll win a prize.

I have no clue what the prize will be (Low mileage PT Cruiser? Bag of rocks? Uncomfortable Massage?), but I promise it will be somewhere between "cool" and "somewhat decent."

Also, please do not suggest: "Roy Vey: A Jew Kvetching about the Meshugener Blazers"
Evidently no one likes that title.