Tipster Ryan sends in this hilarious photo. At first glance I thought it answered the age-old question "Streetcar vs. SUV: Who will win?!" but then, looking at it again... is the streetcar off its tracks? This got brutal.


Ryan writes:

Some lady got her car smashed by the big orange slug. Must have been moving too fast for her to see it. I think that she was fine, but her car was wrecked. I live on the corner of 16th and Lovejoy right by the area that they service the streetcar and change drivers drivers mid-shift. Normally, there is a switchman out there to stop traffic when the cars pull into the garage because they turn across the oncoming lane of traffic. I didn't see the accident but there are two plausible scenarios: 1) There was no switchman, 2) the driver wasn't paying attention because it is so nice outside. My money is on option 2.