A Senate report reveals that both Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice gave the CIA approval to waterboard detainees. Condoleeza I'm shocked about, and as for Dick… well, I'm surprised he wasn't standing right beside them, eating peanuts and laughing.

Commentary: Obama waffles on torture; looks weak. YEP.

75 killed, over 120 injured in two suicide bomb attacks in Iraq.

A Florida pharmacy admits that it kinda screwed up a prescription for the 21 polo horses that mysteriously died. Don't be too hard on yourselves guys, you are just a pharmacy after all.

The FDA allows the "Morning After" pill to be sold to 17-year-olds without a doctor's prescription. FDA, where were you when I was 17??

Apparently Lindsay Lohan was caught completely unaware by her split with Samantha Ronson. Umm… doesn't she read One Day at a Time?

As we all have surely recognized, the Somalian pirates aren't very… well… "pirate-y." Thankfully, the South Park kids give those Somalis a hilarious crash course in pirate-y-ness. Via song!!