Deadly Day: Suicide bombers strike a Shiite shrine in Baghdad, killing sixty Iraqis.

Prison Pics: Obama chooses to release photos documenting American torture of detainees. Officials insightfully say the photos are "not good." Meanwhile Dems aresplit over whether they should investigate Bush-era torture or whether they should be chickenshits.

Gates Crasher: Microsoft's profit falls for the first time in 23 years, aiding the self-righteous air of Mac users everywhere.

Greenhorns: California passes pioneering carbon reduction law.

Britain Smitten: Remember that dowdy British woman who snagged international limelight with her horrible hair and great voice? Now the tabloids are turning against her AND her cute new haircut.

Brutal Budgets: Multnomah County cuts jobs to save social services.

Lents Still in Play: Check out Matt's post yesterday about the delayed decision over Beavers stadium siting.