So, I spent last week in London. And apparently I need to keep my eyes out of the gutter and start paying more attention to the world around me because I missed two things that would have been very high on my To Do list.

(1) Walk-in cocktail opens in London
It's a bar filled with gin and tonic vapors, that's decorated like a cocktail - giant straws and limes, and a soundtrack of liquid being poured over ice-cubes. For £5 you can wear a protective suit and breath to your hearts desire. Can you imagine getting tipsy off of breathing booze, then being surrounded by unproportionately sized straws and citrus? I don't think having a water sound would be too good either...but then again you're not drinking anything, so would you still need to pee?


(2) Beyonce Single Ladies Flash Dance in Piccadilly Circus
Slightly obsessed with this dance, my heart hurt when I found out I missed this jaw-dropping event. 100 leotard-clad women broke out into the dance Monday afternoon to promote Beyonce's upcoming show, sponsored by Trident. I can only imagine how confused the thousands of tourists in Piccadilly were, I bet their faces were priceless.