See that "Games" category notation up there? Let's call that a theoretical.

Normally this is where I'd be waxing metaphorical about how the current Electronic Arts lineup mirrors the works of Oscar Wilde, but today I'm taking a moment to pimp myself as hard as this blog will allow.

If you've been stalking me you know that in addition to whatever I do here, I've also somehow managed to convince the people at Wired to pay me for writing about videogames. As of yesterday afternoon, I now also do the same for a website called The Escapist.

The big difference? Wired forces me to wear a suit and use proper sentences, while The Escapist is happy as long as I cover my junk with a sizable leaf. Since I'm pretty big on pants, you can bet that that's a metaphor for the latter actually letting me have fun with my writing.

Plus, I get to write about hardcore science shit. Like cloning babies, and robots that wanna crawl into your junk.

And in case the three of you still reading this were concerned that I'd be leaving The Merc now that I'm slightly more e-famous, don't fret kittens. I work for The Merc out of love (and because Erik punches really, really hard).