Man oh man, my funny muscles are sore and my head is throbbing from last night's antics at the Bridgetown Comedy Fest. It was a blur really, but I will try to recap. I hit the evening off at the Eagles Lodge where I caught a funny set from Nikki Glaser, who attempted to reconcile herself to enjoying titty fucking (excuse me, TF-ing), a blistering bit by Auggie Smith, and funny business from impressionist James Adomian. But the highlight from the nest of the Eagles (Wait is that right? Cave, do they live in a cave?) was Brody Stevens, whose act is very hard to describe—the gist is that he's an egomaniac, but he can't stop being self-deprecating. It was at times awkward, hysterical, and well-paced.

Darted off to the Mt. Tabor Lounge after that. Jesse Case opened, and damn he was good. Saw Susan Burke's set and she was just as great as I drunkenly remembered from Friday night's performance. The rest of the bits blended together after that until Tristian Spillman's, so I got out of there on a good note. We caught half of Bucky Sinister's bit at the mainstage of the Mt. Tabor. But his uncanny likeness to Walter Sobchak was so distracting I couldn't think of anything but my buddies dying face down in the muck. Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

God I was craving a White Russian, but I made do with my bazillionth can of cheap beer of the weekend over at the Tanker. Ned was right about Friday's drunken comedic karaoke. Saturday night was no different—it was the tapas of the festival, a sampling of jokes from nearly every comic at Bridgetown. There was also some heckling (thankfully not by me). And the fest keeps on going tonight. I was looking forward to Maria Bamford, but I hear that she's sick and will not be performing. There are so many others though... Reggie Watts, Ron Funches, Jesse Case (again!), Todd Glass, and Tig Notaro.

Due to a camera cord mishap, I cannot post some cute, cute, cute pictures of my cat wearing my press pass, but you can look forward to that on Monday.

One more after the jump... 'cause my kitty deserves to be famous.


I'll kill you all. Mwah hahahaha.