Kurt Huffman, tenant of the old Hung Far Low building, says the recently-vanished iconic sign is coming back!
The landlord removed the Hung Far Low sign in October when renovators discovered that the 40-foot icon was on the verge of collapse thanks to rotten anchors and a rusty frame. The last anyone saw of the Portland landmark, it was tucked into a giant sign graveyard in Scapoose, moldering while Old Town residents tried to drum up the $30,000 needed for repairs.


photo from Dieselboi

Well, according to Huffman (who co-owns restaurants Ping and Pok Pok in town), the Portland Development Commission kicked in $12,000 and the Old Town/Chinatown Business Association is committed to fundraising the remaining $18,000 needed to rebuilt the sign's rusted pagoda and frame. "It's the cool sign of Portland, so it was a real bummer when it had to come down," gushes Huffman, who says the neighborhood plans to reinstall the sign at the end of June. "It's fabulous. You could never make up a name that great."