Rumors have been circling on the blogosphere all morning, but Portland Spaces editor Randy Gragg has just confirmed to the Mercury that he is replacing Paige Williams as editor in chief of Portland Monthly.

I asked the burning question: Will this mean no more lists of the top 100 dentists?

"I wouldn't want to speculate on any content changes at this point," he said. "City magazines do certain things that make them successful and obviously we want to be successful as a business as well as a journalistic entity."

"It happened pretty fast, that much is true," Gragg admitted. "I haven't had a whole lot of time to think about it, although obviously from time to time I have thought about what I would do as editor."

Portland Spaces "is continuing," he added. "We have a very competent group of people who have helped me put that out for a long time." Right now Gragg says he is "trying to figure out" whether to recruit externally for a new editor or appoint internally.

The next issue of Spaces goes to press a week from Wednesday, while the next issue of the Monthly goes to press two weeks from Wednesday. Busy busy!