Twelve Lanes of Hot Air: State Casts Doubt over Columbia Bridge Funding


From what I have heard the problem is that while there is no wording in there that says CRC there is wording in there for ODOT to do a "large capital project" and those millions will end up spent on the CRC. The state needs to wrest that money away from this wasteful project and look to fix the rail bridge so that the I5 bridge doesn't have to be raised as often and the rail bridge is less susceptible to seismic damage.
I say we let David Bragdon have final word on how big the bridge. He's the one with authority on both sides.

And then I start leaving "8 lanes, heavy tolling, light-rail, bikes, peds" messages with his staff.
So WHAT are the projects ready now? For this summer?

Methinks the answer is more roads/highway construction. WTF is the difference? Build a unsustainable bridge in a few years time or build a how bunch of highways today that lead to a bottleneck at the Columbia?

While it's sexy (and easy) to focus on the CRC real reporting would entail a detail look at what these "infrastructure" jobs are in Oregon this summer from both the state and stimulus bill. Are we just building more lanes on our highways? If so WTF's the point if they run into the bottleneck of the Interstate bridge. Where is the agitation to have those projects fund alternative transportation?

If you want to do something TODAY for alt transit start lobbying for Obama bucks to go to that and not highway projects.
"I say we let David Bragdon have final word on how big the bridge. He's the one with authority on both sides."

Both sides of what, pray tell?
This shit is so wasteful! It is scary to think that if we were not in a depressing economy that this might have passed without anyone taking notice.

for anyone who has not seen it, AORTA, the Association of Oregon Rail and Transit Advocates, has a pretty sweet plan that solves most of the problembs the curent CRC plan tries to solve, and cheaper/better.

I'm not convinced that any project will do us better, but if they are gonna build something i think this idea is a vast improvement:
WOO-HOO!! Finally, some rational thought on this monstrous disaster. It's time for Oregon tax-payers to stop funding Clark County sprawl! NO CRC!!!!!!
I am Really Surprised how can it be possible ???I can not believe that the government just wanted funds for construction of bridge. European Who have themselves a civilized community, are also in fix. who is the responsible for that bad situation ? It seems to be a bad question for all Europe.