Huh. That's weird.


This week's WW cover…

Our sister paper The Stranger's cover from November 2008.



This week's Stranger cover…

The Mercury's cover from March 2008!*

Now all we have to do is design a WW style cover in which an old man is eating diarrhea, and the circle of life will be complete.
OH! And while I'm on the topic, though I totally disagree with WW editor Mark Zusman's views on almost every subject, including his unrivaled enthusiasm for spanking children, and drowning kittens to control the feral cat population, I must say I am in serious, complete agreement with Mr. Zusman's editorial on the idiocy of Portland bending over backwards to make life cushy for millionaires and major league soccer at the expense of Portlanders who really need the city's help right now. Now do YOUR bit, and call or email your city council to stop this ridiculously timed development in its tracks. The only difference between us and the Timbers Army is that they're organized. (And there are a lot more of us.)
Anyway, check out his editorial here, and kudos to you, Mr. Zusman for penning the first WW article I've read in its entirety since 2004.

*Kidding. On extremely rare occasions we happily share covers with our sister paper. Sharing is caring!