Whoa geez, big news: over 100 Portlanders skipped the Blazers' game last night and instead crowded into Backspace for this month's frank, fun Brewhaha about urban renewal. AND, in my opinion, the debate delivered. The most notable moment of the night (besides the part where Salem's youngest lobbyist Henry Kraemer nearly vomited after eating seven pudding cups onstage - long story) was when Keith Witcosky from the Portland Development Commission admitted that the PDC made some big mistakes five years ago when it pushed to place a Home Depot on the Burnside Bridgehead. This time, Witcosky said, things will be different.

Anyway, as promised, one Matt Davis appeared on the scene as Sherlock Holmes:

And East Portland state rep Nick Kahl did some sleuthing, too:

Kahl: Keeps a close eye on the fax.

Coincidentally, this week I received a bizarre press release stating that the Portland Sherlock Holmes Society will hold its annual memorial to commemorate the death of Holmes "at the hands of the dread fiend Professor Moriarty" this Saturday at 11:15AM at Multnomah Falls. Matt has a hat you can borrow.