This is absolutely awesome—albeit in the most butt-clenchingly awkward way imaginable. So apparently, a few people fancying themselves as real-life superheroes have been dressing up in stupid-ass costumes and attempting to fight crime. In the video below, witness "The Allegiance of Heroes" as they fearlessly patrol the mean streets of Cleveland WKRP in Cincinnati in the middle of a sunny afternoon. ALLEGIANCE ASSEMBLE!

I love superhero comics as much as anybody, but jesusfuckingchrist. I guess what I'm trying to say is: Come to Portland, dudes. Fuckin' please come to Portland. I'd give anything to see all of you go up against the closest thing Portland has to a supervillain, the nefarious Ninja Biker. (More here.) (And, uh, just for the record? My money is so on Ninja Biker.)

Via io9. Also, props to the smartass at CNN who put sarcastic quotation marks around the word "superheroes" in their video synopsis. Also, some recommended reading for the brave and the bold members of the Allegiance.