That title is so precious; I almost gouged my own eyeballs out.

I’ve been on Twitter for almost a week now, and I have mixed emotions about it. On one level I find it engaging, like listening to a party line where everyone is just sort of yammering on to everyone and no-one in particular, at the same time. Also, since I already have a habit of talking to myself, I might as well do it textually over the internet on the off chance that one of the 78 people following me will give a shit. I feel less crazy that way… Though, after writing that, it seems almost crazier.

But there is good in the twitter-verse. Mostly that good comes in the fact that I can find out what’s happening at area restaurants in real time. I’ve got my finger on the pulse of specials, deals, menu changes, trends, etc.

So from time to time, I’m going to make it my duty to let all the non-tweeting Blogtownies know what kind of action is going down amongst Twittering restaurants and restaurateurs, thus affectively relieving your need to sign up on Twitter. You’re welcome.

Nob Hill Pasty Co.
Has increased the size of its delivery area and is now offering apple pie pasties for $4

Hot Lips Pizza
Is running a Blazer’s game night deal tonight, giving you $5 off your pie.

Has some hot ass chili peppers and they’ll be hitting the udon for $5 noodle night. Also, there’s been something mentioned about Japanese school girls with guitars.

Portland Farmers Market
Is excited about the Victory estate olive oil. Yes, an Oregon olive oil, which will be available at this Saturday’s market.

And in case you thought Twitter was useless... reci-tweets (tweet-ipe?). Oh, and if you have some bizarre compulsion to follow me: @LastSup.