If not, you probably want to skip the video on the home page of a product called Cuchini (Italian for "coochie" is what they must be going for there), unless you think a montage of camel toe closeups set to a song parody of "Kokomo" will whet your appetite—I'm not going to judge, but I can't bring myself to embed the thing either. Anyway, it doesn't sit well with my hard boiled egg. But back to the Cuchini:


Now, come on. First of all, didn't all women learn the sideways-sliding hard way why never to combine a menstrual pad with a bathing suit? "Double stick tape included" my hoo-ha. Also, these run $15 for a package of two. Two! It just doesn't seem credible to me, but if they fooled me they fooled Pophangover and Jezebel too. Also, how do you like this blurb from the site:

As we have evolved, hair down there is a thing of the past. As the landing strip and Brazilian wax have become prominent in today's world, there is no bush for the cush. And though Camel Toe may be a hot topic... it's not to the gal sporting it!

"Evolved" is an interesting choice of word. Anyhoo, the gallery of celeb CTs is momentarily amusing.