Mayor Sam Adams is due to release his budget at 11am this morning, but the press conference may very well be overshadowed by this morning's Oregonian story resulting from Adams' cell phone records: "Portland Mayor Sam Adams called Beau Breedlove 33 times when the younger man was 17 — far more contact than Adams has acknowledged having with the teenager. Adams has said that his contact with Breedlove, with whom he had a sexual relationship, was infrequent and that Breedlove pursued him."

Oregonian reporter Ryan Frank has been fighting for access to Adams' cell phone records since the scandal broke—sending repeated letters to the mayor's office encouraging the mayor to comply with the O's interpretation of Oregon public records law.

Perhaps more interestingly, the Oregonian got access to a 38-minute interview of Adams by Willamette Week reporter Nigel Jaquiss from January 15. The recording was made by the mayor's office: "What follows is a 38-minute recording of that interview, during which Adams lies repeatedly and evades questions about Breedlove. Four days after this interview, Adams admitted he and Breedlove did have a sexual relationship."

"Last April I got an email from Beau Breedlove from his Myspace page in which there was a cryptic message to the point that I've done something that I feel badly about," says Jaquiss, opening the interview. "It read like a confession of something he had done and he wished he hadn't done, and it came to my email box from his blog. Now his other blog postings did not come to my email box, so I thought I would follow up on this."

"I went back to many of those people and re-interviewed them. Several of them told me a different story. Several of them said to me Beau Breedlove said to me that he had sex with Sam Adams," says Jaquiss.

"Would you be able to tell us who those people are?" asks Adams' sustainability policy adviser Amy Ruiz.

"Some of them," says Jaquiss.

And it goes on from there. Jaquiss's low-key interviewing technique is certainly something to listen to, if only as a study in reporting technique. I know that I for one tend to let fly with all kinds of vocal inflections, sarcasm and the like, even when I haven't got a particularly strong story. Whereas Jaquiss just keeps the tone dead-level from start through to finish.

"Is that what's being alleged here? That I had an affair with Beau, and that Beau has confirmed that to you?" asks Adams. "So the allegation is that Beau and I had an affair after he was 18..."

Adams then denies having done anything of the kind.