With accompanying press release:

“This video embodies the creative and positive nature of the recall campaign that invites Portlanders to ask if they can really trust their mayor” commented volunteer spokesperson Jasun Wurster. He continued that “It is our hope that Sam Adams would have resigned by now, however we accept that he is the one who is forcing the citizens of Portland to endure the emotional and financial cost of recalling him.”


Oditorials aside, I'm starting to wonder about this recall effort. It's clear that certain people want their Curly Wurlies, but all I've heard from anyone about the recall are variations on the following:

1.No would-be mayoral candidate, no matter how credible, would want to be associated with the current effort.
2.There's no big financial backer for the current effort.
3.They'll never get the 32,000 signatures required.
4."I used to support the mayor, but his decision-making over the last few months has changed my mind, still, I'm not sure I'd sign on to the current recall effort."

Most of this goes back to my thoughts about the perception of the recall campaign, voiced back in March. But I'm also wondering, given the obvious concern the mayor has provoked amongst some of his core supporters on issues unrelated to his sex life over the last few months, whether a more organized and credible recall effort may yet emerge. Just sharing my thoughts, here. And wondering who would organize one.

If on the other hand no more credible recall effort does emerge, and the Attorney General comes back without a decision to prosecute, well then, it's highly likely Portland may have to accept the fact that Mayor Sam Adams is going to continue in office until his term is up. Nobody seems to have mentioned that possibility so far, but it's becoming increasingly likely, from where I'm sitting.