It's that simple! If you'd like to find the closest happy hour—no matter where you are in Portland—download the shit out of our new iPhone app Cocktail Compass: Portland Happy Hour Finder.
• All the happy hours happening right now, including how far away they are, AND when the said happy hour is over!
• Get maps and directions, so you won't get lost on your way to getting drunk.
• Scroll around our exhaustive list of bars, and send the info to your friends!
• Does your perfect bar have wi-fi, vegetarian eats, and a patio? Cocktail Compass can find that!
• Did you find your bar, but now you're so stinking drunk you can't drive? Tap the "Call a Cab" button!

And don't forget! The Mercury's new Cocktail Compass is FREE, FREE, FREE. Download it now, and let's start drinkin'!