I know, I know, we just had a Brewhaha. It was awesome. We're only supposed to host one fun, frank, booze-friendly political debate night a month. But in a special turn of events we're hosting two Brewhahas BACK TO BACK. There is far too much going on in this town so we've formed an axis of excellence with 1000 Friends and The Bus Project to bring Portland more Brewhaha action.

This Thursday at 7PM at Roots we'll tackle Portland's favorite subject: Transportation. Specifically, what we could do with $4.2 billion. Spend it on a 12 lane bridge? Repair Portland's shabby infrastructure? Incorporate submarines into the TriMet system? We'll see.


Show up at 6:30 for "networking." I don't know exactly what that entails. Conversation? Blogging? Blogging about conversation? Blogging about conversations in submarines? We'll see.