BOOZE ON HIS BREATH!!! Says Car Toys employee Randy Schweitz, 22, about Mayor Sam Adams' weekend truck crash. Adams denies anything of the sort. Call us, Randy, we can arrange the polygraph! UPDATE: The officer on the scene says there is no evidence of Adams being inebriated.

KATU DROPS ITS ADAMS STORY!!! Katu has interviewed Salem lawmakers about the mayor. "Is the City of Portland missing opportunities in Salem because of the way Adams has conducted himself personally?" asks investigative reporter Dan Tilken. Senator Rod Monroe: "The incident that occurred and the difficulties he has gotten himself into has caused him to, shall we say, lose respect among a number of people and lose credibility, clout, power." "We need to spend more time down there," says Adams.

Then State Senator Mark Hass throws Adams under the bus on Senate Bill 907, the bill on infill housing—"Hass says Adams' office messed up a critical lawmaking deadline," says Tilken. "It was all so silly," says Hass. "If he would have just called me, and said we dropped the ball on this and we'd like your help. Instead he calls the newspapers and calls a news conference and demands that the chair take action on his bill, and that's not how it's done here." "He embarrassed himself," says Hass.

"They totally lost credibility with the developers, and down here, you don't pass laws that affect the development community without having them involved," says Monroe.

"If we rubbed folks the wrong way I apologize in terms of our approach," says Adams.

"You don't sound like you're answering the question they're talking about ineptitude," says Tilken. Burrrrrrrn.

Then senators Ginny Burdick and Margaret Carter say Adams isn't lobbying for the major league soccer deal in the senate, either. "No one has talked to me about that, no one," says Burdick. "I guess the absence of that would cause some concern," says Carter.

"There's no evidence of that," says Adams. "Look in the newspapers, we're still achieving what we need to achieve."

[UPDATE, 2:30pm: Turns out the Hass angle was reported in the Tribune, weeks ago...]

Speaking of difficult working environments...

Play them off, keyboard cat...

ECONOMY BACK ON TRACK!!! Should grow again in late '09, predicts Ben Bernanke.

DIRTY LAUNDRY!!! Woody Allen's lawyers don't want Mia Farrow testifying at the American Apparel trial.

EAR SLICER AT PDX ART MUSEUM!!! "A new study finds that van Gogh only pretended to cut off his ear to protect close friend and fellow painter Paul Gauguin, who sliced it off with a sword during an argument."

NO MORE SWINE FLU!!! Wait, you mean, the media blew this out of proportion?

Good day.