Warning: This post contains spoilers, brahmin nudity, monosodium glutamate and inferred class warfare. You've been warned.

Hey Kiala! I know how much you love Fallout 3, so I figured I should mention that the latest downloadable addition to the game lands on the Xbox Live Marketplace sometime in the next few hours.

Unlike the bullshit trips to Pittsburgh and Alaska, the "Broken Steel" DLC actually lets you continue the main Fallout 3 plot for a mere 10 bones. Your millionaire hubby throws more than that in change at hobos every morning!

I was gonna e-mail you about this, but fuck it. We're, like, Internet famous. We can do whatever we want and if the plebes complain, Sergey Brin will punch them in their stupid proletariat snouts.

(Dear plebes, I was just kidding. I love you all. Please don't revolt against our hegemony.)