1. Really? A cardboard box, huh? You spend however many hours building those and setting up a camcorder, and you can't bother tracking down a mannequin? Or a bag filled with fake blood? Or a mannequin filled with fake blood?

2. And okay, not to harp on this or anything, but just one cardboard box? You have to reuse it? There aren't any other cardboard boxes anywhere in the house, huh?

3. Something tells me you watch a lot of anime. Am I right?

4. Do you really think it's sensible to do this sort of thing when you're home alone?

5. Okay, but no, for real, like a desert island-type situation: Claremont and Miller's Wolverine, or Millar and Romita Jr.'s Enemy of the State?

6. Will Googling "Wolverine claws" and/or "Wolverine costume" ever get old?

7. Should I try it out for a while and see?







8. So "No, of course not," would appear to be the answer, right?

9. It would seem like I'm just asking myself questions at this point. Do I suspect at all that this fantastically lame excuse for a blog post has gone way, way off track?

10. Why don't you shut up, chump?

11. Okay, but no: Jesus fucking shitballs, what the fuck is going on in that last picture?