"CREDIBILITY PROBLEM!!!" Mayor Sam Adams accused Katu of "baiting" senators Ginny Burdick and Margaret Carter into "saying something negative" about him in its report on Tuesday suggesting Adams has a "credibility problem" with Salem Lawmakers.

"We were concerned the senators thought we may have quoted them out of context, either that or the mayor was distorting what they said," says Katu reporter Dan Tilkin. "So we went back to them to ensure that our reporting was accurate."

Oh dear. Burdick told Katu, she felt she was "quoted accurately," while Carter sent Adams an email saying "I was concerned to hear yesterday from Dan Tilkin that you quoted me as saying he had "baited" me. That is not accurate. He did not bait me, nor have I ever said, to you or to anyone else that he did."

Adams' spokesman Roy Kaufmann is left holding the can. Poor Kaufmann. I don't imagine this footage is going to make it into his clips reel:


PRESIDENT POLYGAMIST!!! South African premier will bring more than one wife to his swearing in.

DIJON OUTRAGE!!! Republicans are infuriated that Barack Obama would order a cheeseburger with french mustard.

UNEMPLOYMENT BETTER THAN EXPECTED!!! The economy only lost 539,000 jobs in April.

PELOSI BRIEFED ON TORTURE IN 2002!!! The media just won't let this "torture" story die, will they.

STATUE OF LIBERTY'S CROWN RE-OPENS!!! Have you seen the lines to visit that thing? Ridiculous...

WHISPERS OF A MEL GIBSON LOVE CHILD!!! First words: "I'm getting too old for this shit."

Good day.