I know it's her job, but goddammit. Is it a coincidence that she sends me all these cat emails on Fridays? Why no, I don't believe that it is. Get out of my head, Trisha.


Portland Center Stage has teamed up with the Cat Adoption Team to host a Cat Adoption Day at the Armory on June 14th. Some of the kitties have been named after Grey Gardens characters—so if you're looking for a new pal AND you're a huge theater nerd, OR you're looking for a pet that doubles as a marketing gimmick (albeit an adorable one!), this is obviously a once-in-a-lifetime, stars aligning kind of a deal. Portland Center Stage will also be collecting donations for CAT in the lobby of the Armory—they're looking for dry cat food, break-away cat collars, and scoopable cat litter. And don't forget: Bring two dozen clean, empty cat food cans to the Armory by May 13, snag a free ticket to Grey Gardens, AKA the show about the cat ladies.