Man, Star Trek is gonna make some serious bank this weekend. If the constantly cheering crowd that filled the sold-out show at the Roseway last night was any indication, this is gonna be the big film of the summer—and considering it's absolutely fantastic, I have no reservations about this whatsoever.

Elsewhere: Old-timers try to launch a prison break in The Escapist, a couple of Culkins angst it up in Lymelife, and hippies get all hoity-toity about their organic produce in Good Food. (I'll stick with my grilledcheeseburger, thanks.)

Meanwhile, the Jim Henson retrospective continues, while the Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival wraps up. Eden Log debuts at the Living Room Theaters, Life on the Edge of a Bubble plays at the Clinton Street Theater, Oblivion and Remembering William Stafford hit the Northwest Film Center, Valentino: The Last Emperor profiles the fashion designer (and some pugs!), and chicks (almost) get naked in A Wink and a Smile.


Also, just because I too rarely have an opportunity to run this photo of me and Matt Davis at the now-defunct Star Trek Experience, here you go. This image—entitled "Three Super-Cool Dudes, c. 2007"— brings joy to my heart.