How can you not fall madly in love with floppy-haired hotty violinist Joshua Bell? Just look at him!


The sweat on the brow! The ecstatic arch of the neck! The baby face! That mop of dark hair!! [is panting] The miraculous thing about Joshua Bell is that, in all seriousness, he's a really fine player at the very top of the classical music firmament: a go-for-broke virtuoso of the old school, all swagger and sex appeal, on the stage or off.

I'm bringing this to your attention [pant pant] because Bell's in town this weekend upcoming, appearing as soloist in the evergreen Mendelssohn Violin Concerto no. 2 in e minor with the Oregon Symphony, Saturday through Monday nights at the Schnitz (that's 1037 SW Broadway); also up on the bill: Bruckner's Lego-blocks-of-sound Symphony no. 7, in its first Symphony performance in more than a decade.

Neither of those classical titles mean anything to you? That's cool - go anyway to hear the special kind of magic the Symphony's up to these days and thank me later. Symphony PR dude Carl Herko says the Saturday show is nearly sold out, so your best bet's for a Sunday or Monday night seat. Click here for tix (they start at $15!).