Donald Trump defended Miss CA today by pointing out that her position—marriage is between a man and a woman—is no different than Barack Obama's position.

First, Barack Obama supports—or so we were lead to believe—the repeal of DOMA and the creation of federal civil unions that would confer all the rights and responsibilities of marriage on same-sex couples. Miss CA—who at first seemed to believe that same-sex marriage was legal across the United States—has crawled into bed with anti-gay bigots who oppose any legal recognition of same-sex relationships. The National Organization for Marriage crowd opposes domestic partnerships and civil unions, arguing that the latter is just a step in the direction of same-sex marriage. Which they are. NOM opposes the repeal of DOMA. So Trump and Miss CA shouldn't be allowed to argue that Miss CA takes takes the same position Obama does when it comes to same-sex couples when Miss CA is out there raising money for the scum at NOM.

Now here's John at Americablog on Trump and Miss CA pointing to Barack Obama's position on same-sex marriage:

It's part of a pattern that started last year during the Prop 8 battle over gay marriage in California. The religious right, at that time, invoked Barack Obama's "opposition" to gay marriage as a reason to vote for their cause. Since that time, the comparisons to Obama have only grown louder.... What does this mean and why am I writing about it? Because we've come to the point where Obama can no longer duck the question. Gay civil rights are roaring ahead like a runaway freedom train, and it's only a matter of time before the Obama administration, whether they like it or not—and it increasingly looks like "not"—are going to have to start answering some questions, if not actually do something, about their commitment to gay civil rights.

Gays and lesbians have endured too many "poorly-resolved gay bimbo eruptions" over the last year, says John, and he foresees a showdown with the Obama administration over gay rights. I think it may be time to march on Washington. Read John's whole post here.