Have you tried the brand new Wonder Wheel feature for your Google search results? Google announced the new visual feature today at a press event. Here's how it works: After you get your search results, click on "Show options" and select the multi-colored "Wonder Wheel" option. For this search (as for almost every Google search I do), I selected the keyword "Wonderwall." And after selecting the Wonder Wheel option, this is what I get.
Cool. This allows me to quickly sidestep the Oasis song, which I am not interested in—and quickly leap to results pertaining to the pseudo-Indian soundtrack George Harrison did for the 1968 film Wonderwall. So I click on "wonderwall george harrison," and I get a whole new wheel of vaguely pertinent information:

All right! Look at these new, fascinating results. "Cowboy music," "dream scene".... Ooh, look! Two of the most promising words in the English language have turned up: "love scene."

Clicking on "love scene" leads to a whole variety of results, including a YouTube of the love scene from BladeRunner, as well as "Deepti Bhatnagar Love Scene," a torrid (but SFW, I think?) clip from a Bollywood movie. Cha-ching! Soft petting and wet see-thru clothes, here I come. I didn't even know I wanted to see this! But, boy, do I.

If you need me, I'll be Wonder Wheelin'. There's also the neat Timeline option, which shows your results in the form of a chronological graph.